Thursday, 8 October 2009

Vintage DIY...

This is our first project of 2nd year TD4F...I was a group powerpoint presentation we produced to demonstrate how external issues could affect how people buy fashion in the next couple of years. We focused on environmental issues and how sustainable fashion should move onto a bigger scale in terms of up-cycling, making use of the industries waste and brinking back the idea of 'make do and mend'.

Our presentation was more of a 'directional' rather than 'intructional' trend, which would encourage designers to look at sustainable fashion in a more glamourous way, instead of the stereotypical 'green' way.

From researching this area I found some really interesting websites that have already started to up-cycle on a bigger scale than what has been done before and also re-think the way the fashion industry's waste is used.

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  1. wow, this take me back to my TAFE days.
    looks like a great presentation xo