Wednesday, 11 March 2009

11th March 2009


Laundry is the title of my latest brief and it is up to me how i interperet it...

Broad brief + Fussy Aim = HELP!

...So i started to look into the area which i'd been researching for the dreaded essay which was 'Laundry' as an environmental concern. I thought about recycling garments or using waste products which lead me to knitting with waste products like binbags or VCR ribbon.

My work has developed from that theme now to Victorian Laundry because of photographs I was shown by my Knit tutor Annie of an old Victorian Laundry which were very beautiful and inspiring. From looking at Victorian Images and paintings for inspiration i've become interested in the Undergarments of that period which were very structured and fitting to the body. Rather than the shapes of the garments themselves I've been looking at the detailed surface pattern and markings on them which ironically were never intended to be seen...these garments have started to inspire knit designs for garments which is what my final garment designs will all be.

I haven't strayed completely from my original recycling idea as i hope to use old knitted garments to take the yarn from for my new designs...

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